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Service Updates for EOS 2.0

In this section you will find the latest Service Update for EOS version 2.0, including all latest corrections and improvements but also all alterations performed with previous downloads.

You can:

  • download the full update (below) which contains all latest changes but also all changes included in previous downloads for EOS 2.0
  • browse our
    (In case of having dificulties viewing our ftp by clicking the link above, please type the address above -shown in blue type- in the "Address" field of your Internet Explorer and press "Enter")


FULL Update (Up to May 2004)

Update for COMPUCON's EOS version 2.0

For reasons of convenience, the full update has been split in smaller parts (In case of copying these on floppy disks).

Download all the files and double click on the "EOS2.0_April_2004_Full_Update.exe" file to start the installation procedure.

EOS2.0_April_2004_Full_Update.exe 1.39 MB
EOS2.0_April_2004_Full_Update.r00 1.39 MB
EOS2.0_April_2004_Full_Update.r01 1.39 MB
EOS2.0_April_2004_Full_Update.r02 1.39 MB
EOS2.0_April_2004_Full_Update.r03 407.92 KB

Text files Update (October 2002)

Update for COMPUCON's EOS version 2.0 text files

Please download and install the file below in case you would like to include the new text files including language support for the Thai language and updated language support for the Dutch language.

EOS2.0_October_2002_Text_Files_Update.exe 2.01 MB
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