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What is SiteCosmos™?
SiteCosmos is COMPUCON’s suite of solutions that enables small and medium sized companies, organizations, individual professionals and hobbyists, to create and enhance their web presence… Choose the solution that suites you; build your web site; become a member of the multimillion, international Internet community.

SiteCosmos is the golden equilibrium between a “do-it-yourself” and a “do-it-for-you” solution, a total collection of Internet “best practices”… You don’t need to plan for your Internet project’s strategy, design, marketing and engineering.

Each SiteCosmos solution is the result of a thorough Internet business and needs analysis; the perfect tool for building a complete, segment specific web site. Choose your own “Look & Feel”, upload your logos and images, post your news and announcements, use the specially designed business components, take advantage of the extra features and create a unique web presence with minimum effort and cost.

SiteCosmos is multilingual and open… Choose as many as you want from a plethoric and always developing selection of languages to create a multilingual web site and make use of the vast editing capabilities that enables the design and content of your web site to be changed from anywhere, anytime and by anybody you authorize. And all that, without any extra effort or cost.

SiteCosmos is not only a web site builder. It is a community of users that share common interests and concerns, coexist and cooperate with other people, companies and organizations from multiple segments and fields of expertise… Explore and discover new ideas, new horizons, new opportunities and new markets in the world of SiteCosmos.


Available PDF's

archi.pdf 190.42 KB
arts.pdf 187.67 KB
baby.pdf 199.08 KB
food.pdf 191.30 KB
medi.pdf 200.08 KB
politics.pdf 201.04 KB
sme.pdf 192.26 KB
wed.pdf 190.80 KB
advantage-architecture.pdf 363.48 KB
featurelist.pdf 287.14 KB
folder.pdf 359.47 KB
forthcomingNEW.pdf 239.29 KB
masspackages.pdf 225.82 KB
poster.pdf 151.84 KB
opportunities.pdf 279.40 KB
solutions.pdf 343.50 KB
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