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Medifiler Radiology

Its features include:

  • Patient filing system (address, occupation, telephone number, medical insurance, etc.)
  • Patient history (diabetes, blood pressure, hepatitis, periodontal disease, etc.)
  • Credit limit
  • Print osteoporosis data
  • Print image and illation
  • Prescription print
  • Automatic reckoning of cost / social insurance discount / Hospitals and patients share
  • Illations archive
  • Abeyance automatic remind
  • Financial monitoring (Income - Expenses)
  • Statistical data processing
  • Graphic representation of patients' appointments
  • Literature (Books and journals can be saved in memory)
  • On-line help
  • Detailed manual
  • Patient Confidentiality
  • Compatibility with all the other programmes in the MEDIFiler series
  • Programme supports many users
  • Patient search by photograph
  • Abbreviated presentation of each medical file
  • Image retrieval from camera, ultrasound, etc. through automatic saving in patient's file
  • Label writer
  • Automatic reminder of procedures and appointments, etc.
  • Birthday and name day calendar
  • Telephone directory
  • Word processor (feature for filing letters, standard findings, etc.)
  • Dietary (Α4 or Α5 print out)
  • Waiting patients list with capability of automatic access in they medical record
Image Form Osteoporosis Results Form

New Features

  • Back up - Restore
  • Blank print outs (Α4, Α5) with doctor's glyph
  • Deferent glyph by doctor
  • Imager (Image bureaucracy for print out)
  • Text ? writing direct call in all comment fields.
  • Storehouse (Bureaucracy material, suppliers, storage statistical e.t.c.)
  • Call of an outer copywriter
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