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Netlink v2.0

the Fast and Flexible Way to Connect your embroidery machines


NetLink Hardware

Link your PC to all your embroidery machines with the NetLink complete networking solution:

NetLink Host - one required to direct data from PC to embroidery machines.

NetLink Box - one required on each embroidery machine in the network.

  • Transfer speed 90,000 stitches per minute.
  • Memory of up to 1,390,000* stitches.
  • Saves stitches and send to machine later.
  • Connects parallel and serial interface machines using NetLink cables.
  • Connects up to 255* machines of one or combination of different manufacturers.
  • Read designs from any EOS embroidery system using barcode system or code number.
  • PC to machine distance up to approx. 650 meters.
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