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We invite your company to take benefit from COMPUCON's accumulated knowledge and experience in internet application development. We combine expertise and cutting edge technologies, enabling us to offer superior solutions to our customer’s problems.

Over the years COMPUCON S.A. has created a large code and document library of problems already solved, i.e. ready chunks of code (modules) of tried and tested business processes. Much of it can be seen in the award winning SiteCosmos solution, where we spent 1 year researching the “needs” and “wants” in a web site environment.

In today’s competitive environment this enables COMPUCON to stream-line the development process, offering application development for less money, speeding up the implementation process and thus giving your company leverage and faster time to market.

COMPUCON's development effort follows a set methodology that translates your company’s needs and wants into documented software requirements. The development methodology we use at COMPUCON S.A. is a framework owned and used by IBM, called Rational Rose (RUP), we also use parts of the famous DSDM (Dynamic Systems Development Method), which incorporates RAD (Rapid Application Development), UML (Unified Modelling Language) and creative prototyping.

All said, what really is important to your company is that we have the experience and the knowledge to provide successful applications. Our further goal is to create a win-win situation for your company and for COMPUCON

Our technical background covers the latest; PHP, HTML, JavaScript's, DHTML, XML web services, along with Oracle or MySQL databases, intranet portals and open source CMS content management systems.
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SiteCosmos an award winning online website building tool
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