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Embroidery Anthology

Collector's Edition


Embroidery Anthology Collector's Edition

COMPUCON S.A. is very proud to present Embroidery Anthology Collector's Edition, the latest addition in "Embroidery Anthology" Series, which combines editing software and high quality stock designs.

The Collector's Edition

The Embroidery Anthology special "Collector's Edition" contains over 160 unique, superb quality designs for professionals, including special seasonal themes, conveniently grouped in packs.

These new designs combine stunning artistry with commercial embroidery needs - a sure mix to keep bringing your customers back time after time asking for more!

For more details, contact your local COMPUCON S.A. Agent

Category's Packs

  • Fish: 9 Packs (89 Designs)
  • Fish Bass: 1 Pack (10 Designs)
  • Eagles: 1 Pack (10 Designs)
  • Motorcycles: 2 Packs (16 Designs)
  • Dragons: 2 Packs (24 Designs)
  • Evil: 1 Pack (14 Designs)

A Total of 16 Packs and 163 Unique Designs

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Embroidery Anthology Collector's Edition

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