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Embroidery Anthology II

The Ultimate Stock Embroidery Collection

The complete Embroidery Anthology II package contains:

Over 4300 embroidery designs in 17 categories

Over 500 colour pages

Embroidery Anthology Series combines a wide collection of Stock Designs and advanced editing tools. Version 2.0 offers not only more than 4,300 new designs but also new and improved features, such as Search Design and Export in .PES format.

Embroidery Anthology 2.0, includes over 4,300 embroidery designs and comes with One useful catalogue with over 500 colour pages to allow you to choose more easily. Designs are classified in 17 categories to allow you to choose more easily, including:

Abstract-Shapes, Animals, Celebration, Children-Baby, Emblems, Ethnic, Fish, Flower Nature, Home Embroidery, Insects, Motif-Necklaces, Navy, Sport, Transportation, Unisex, Urban,Various.

And the complete range of editing tools makes it easy to manipulate your design in any number of ways, including:

  • Search through the categories of designs using the umber of the design.
  • Export in .PES Format.
  • Change the dimensions of the design.
  • Clean Up the design by deleting small stitches.
  • The increase/decrease stitch density function offers the most reliable and accurate results a stitch-editing program can offer / Rotate the design / Print the design.
  • Save the design to machine disk (BARUDAN, TAJIMA, ZSK, HAPPY, PFAFF, BROTHER, MELCO, FORTRON, BEAT, JUKI, TOYOTA, etc.)
AbstractShapes.pdf 1.25 MB
Animals.pdf 4.74 MB
Celebration.pdf 1.59 MB
Children_Baby.pdf 11.26 MB
Emblems.pdf 2.40 MB
Ethnic.pdf 3.69 MB
Fish.pdf 1.53 MB
Flowers_Nature.pdf 7.10 MB
HomeEmbroidery.pdf 9.21 MB
Insects.pdf 1.27 MB
Motifs_Necklace.pdf 2.08 MB
Navy.pdf 4.89 MB
Sports.pdf 3.81 MB
Trasportation.pdf 1.48 MB
Unisex.pdf 5.85 MB
Urban.pdf 1.39 MB
Various.pdf 3.35 MB
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