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Company Profile

COMPUCON is a Greek leading technology company with international presence in 62 countries and intensive export activities. COMPUCON develops leading technologies and innovative integrated applications including software and hardware solutions for specialized markets.

Due to the comprehension of the international market needs, the company has been successful in penetrating the technologically advanced markets of USA, Japan and Europe. The sales network is also expanded in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Australia and Africa.

Products and services of COMPUCON excel globally in innovation, quality and added value.

Founded in 1987 in Thessaloniki, Greece, it started as a software company serving the industrial embroidery sector. Skill and expertise soon turned it to a world leader in developing advanced specialised software, electronic automations, as well as product and services for integrated telematic solutions.

The maturing of the international market during the years as well as the continuous technological development results in the need for better products and services. COMPUCON responds to the challenge with the commitment for continuous development and innovation in order to meet the expectations and fulfil the customers’ needs, providing them with integrated solutions, customised according to their special requirements.

COMPUCON products and services always form essential solutions to the needs of millions of satisfied customers in all over the world.
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