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May 02, 2006

Welcome to CompuZine, our new Compucon Newsletter!

We are proud to present the first edition of our monthly informative brochure in the form of this newsletter, whose purpose will be to highlight new product developments and releases from Compucon as well as review useful information important to those working in the embroidery field.

After all, being in the same industry, we all do have common goals – to serve and promote the use of embroidery and to communicate the knowledge that we have available. It only makes sense that the more information we have available the better each of us: machinery and software producers, professional digitizers, embroiderers, home sewers, can understand the embroidery market’s needs, educate each other and expand the demand for each of our products.

With these points in mind, we would like to add our small contribution to publish and circulate important and reliable information in the form of this Newsletter.

Through CompuZine, Compucon will provide all the news and insights related to our company and product offering as well as offer useful information and articles related to digitizing and the embroidery software industry in general. Welcome to our Newsletter, we hope you enjoy reading it!


Komvokis Leonidas, Product Manager
Editor, CompuZine



  The importance of Support   The importance of Support

You have undoubtedly heard it said by others and you should have felt it yourself at a time of crisis and stress when what you wanted to do didn’t work out as expected; “Support does matter”. Whether it is support for technical maintenance and efficient operation of your embroidery machine or in the form of help to use and fully exploit the software program that you have, Support is important go to article

  Exploring digitizing   Exploring Digitizing
by Melinda Dement

‘So. You either have, or are considering a venture into the world of embroidery. You want to digitize. Maybe you are wondering if it is "for you". Only you can determine if it is something that you would enjoy. Chances are that if you are imaginative or artistic, then you will have the drive to learn the necessary skills required. Is it easy? Is learning a new language a "breeze"? Can you follow a color-by-number painting? Well, everything is "relative", is it not? Perhaps the old cliché "where there’s a will, there’s a way" applies here.’ go to article

  Top ten mistakes  

The Top 10 Digitizing Mistakes
by Barb Geer, as found in ‘Stitches’ magazine

There's a wealth of digitizing mistakes and no better way to conquer them than by jumping in and taking them on one by one. Fortunately, for every improper technique, there are several solutions. go to article

  Editing Stock Designs  

The Ins and Outs of Editing Stock Designs
by Steven Batts, as found in ‘EMB’ magazine

Spruce up your stock designs by understanding the differences among file formats and by properly resizing stock images. go to article

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Company News

New Development

Tech Tips

Product Notices


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  company news

Below you can find some links to our general Company News:

IMB Exhibition in Cologne
Tue 28 March 2006

New Compucon Japan office
Wed 05 April 2006

We have moved to a new location
Thu 12 January 2006

New Web Site
Wed 21 December 2005


More Compucon News! >


new development
Update Policy

Part of our continuous dedication to offering state-of-the-art support and service to our customer base, Compucon has introduced and is applying the ‘Live Update’ policy, a policy of constant updating our software products by incorporating improvements, corrections but also new features to our software products. It is our goal to continue offering this type of service to our esteemed customer base. These updates can be easily downloaded from within the software products, making use of specialized functions especially designed for this purpose. Alternatively, the files are available for download from the software product sites, they are also available in small partitions that can each fit on a floppy disk – in case this is the only means of storage for these.


Tech Tips
Tips and hints on installing USB drivers

Working with PC’s, we all have come to a point where we had to use an external device that had to be connected to it, nowadays the most common way of connection is undoubtedly the USB type of connection. As such, we have all encountered occasionally difficulties and challenges with working with these. Things are easier than they might look at times, just by keeping in mind some general rules.

  product notices

Compucon product range – EOS, Stitch & Sew, Multi-Converter - something for everyone
A wide range of products is offered by Compucon for virtually everyone working in the field of digitizing and editing with embroidery software.

The offering includes the following products:

  • EOS – the professional series of digitizing & editing software, a valuable tool for every professional in the field. EOS 3.0 is available  in 4 different levels, ‘Reader’ ‘Modifier+’ ‘Creator+’ and ‘Pro Elite’. more info at


  • Stitch & Sew – the package designed especially for the home embroiderer, incorporating a wealth of functions while being extremely  easy to us at the same time. more info at


  • Multi-Converter is an extremely easy-to-use application that converts embroidery design files of most formats using all the most popular types of embroidery cards. Works as stand-alone but also supplementary to Stitch & Sew, allowing you to read and write virtually from and to every home embroidery card type. more info at



New EasyPatch option for EOS
A new option is available for users who purchase or already own version 3.0 of our professional series.
‘EasyPatch’ a new exciting optional feature for Compucon’s EOS 3.0 software helps embroiders easily create name patches.

  • Download PDF Easy Patch to find out more on this exciting new option.
  • In order to be able to view this brochure Acrobat Reader has to be installed, you can download ‘Acrobat Reader’ , here

  downloads links

Get the free EOS Viewer + designs at
The EOS V3 Viewer is a free fully functional software program, giving you the power to:

  • Open and save designs in all popular file formats.
  • Apply basic modifying procedures like re-sizing, optimization, design management and file conversion.
  • Read, write and format machine disks.
  • Send design files by e-mail.
  • Print designs with design information.
  • Browse files in the Design Browser.
  • Change stitch colors of your designs; even choose colors directly from thread manufacturers’ color palettes.
  • View embroidery designs in Realistic mode.

Click here to download the free EOS V3 Viewer
What is more, once you have the EOS V3 Viewer you can download 100 FREE Designs for your Design Library.
Click here to download Designs


Get more free designs at

Register and Login to the ‘downloads’ section of Stitch & Sew and download free designs, having the option to choose the type of format you would like to have these downloaded (.che, .dst, .hus, .pes, .pec, .sew)

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