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Since 1982 COMPUCON S.A. has developed software solutions for the embroidery industry, the core activity of the company.

Today, COMPUCON's product lines for the embroidery industry are sold in over 60 countries worldwide and are the result of combined knowledge and experience in fields such as digital technology and image processing, automated design and production (CAD/CAM), design of electronic systems and artificial intelligence.

EOS (Embroidery Operating System) software is an integrated digitizing and editing system, fundamentally strong, reliable and complete. It forms the core platform for guiding the creation of embroidery at each stage, always ensuring higher quality results. EOS is available in different levels to cater for the varying needs of embroiderers. It is designed to fit the needs of any user; from the very beginner to the most experienced professional.

COMPUCON S.A. also works in developing and promoting networking solutions (PCs and embroidery machines) and is representing established embroidery machines manufacturers in the domestic Greek market.

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